Can I Drink Coffee After Tooth Extraction?

Having a tooth extracted can be a stressful ordeal, so you might be eager to restore a sense of normalcy after having one. Coffee is one of the most popular beverages on Earth and a daily ritual for millions of people, but it’s best to avoid this dark and flavorful brew for a few days […]

Protect Your Smile with These 4 New Year’s Resolutions

Many people take advantage of the new year to start making important changes in their lives, such as breaking bad habits or improving their health. What kind of changes are you looking to make in 2024? Perhaps you’re concerned about dental problems and want to do more to keep your smile safe. To help you […]

Top 3 Tips for Enjoying the Holidays Without Harming Your Teeth

You’ve waited all year for this. The holiday season is basically just around the corner, and you are so excited to enjoy every minute of it. However, if you aren’t careful, your celebrations could come to a screeching halt with tooth pain, or you could start the new year off with serious dental decay. How […]

Make Sure Your Smile Isn’t Scary This Halloween

Halloween is a time for spooky fun, costumes, and, of course, lots of sweets! But while we’re enjoying the festivities, it’s also important to keep our dental health in check. This Halloween, let’s make sure our smiles remain bright and healthy, rather than spooky! Here’s how:

4 Persuasive Reasons to Get Tooth-Colored Fillings As Soon As Possible

Perhaps you don’t have time in your busy schedule, but the holiday season is just around the corner. Maybe you think you’ll have more room in your budget in a few months, but probably not. There are many reasons you can come up with for putting off getting your small cavity filled, but they all […]

Should You Go to an Emergency Dentist or ER?

You have a throbbing toothache that’s keeping you from being able to concentrate at work. Your pain’s so severe that you ask your boss to leave, but where do you go for treatment? It’s true that your local emergency room would likely provide you with medication to help relieve your pain, but could they actually […]

Take a Load Off Your Mind: Schedule a Pre-Vacation Dental Appointment

Going on vacation doesn’t mean that you’re off the hook when it comes to taking care of your smile. In fact, it’s not a bad idea to schedule a dental appointment before you hit the road to spend a three-day weekend at the lake or some exotic locale. By seeing the dentist ahead of time, […]

Everything Your Dentist Wants You to Know About Oral Cancer

This year, an estimated 54,000 new cases of oral cancer will be diagnosed in the US—and of those individuals, it’s predicted that roughly 40% have a pretty grim long-term prognosis. Oral cancer is a serious and widespread issue, and despite continual advancements in medicine and healthcare, there is still no definitive cure for the disease. […]

A Healthy Smile Supports a Healthy Heart

February is often thought of as the month of love, but did you know that it is also the month of hearts? During American Heart Month, countless individuals are thinking about what they can do to protect their cardiovascular wellness. Things like regular exercise and a balanced diet often come into the conversation, but did […]

4 Easy Ways to Take Care of Your Gums

In the U.S., it’s estimated that 50% of adults have some form of gum disease. If you aren’t diligent with your oral hygiene, it’s easy for plaque to build up, and for bacteria to sneak into the gum layer. If you want to change your smile for the better, one of the best places to […]